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About M.E.

Hi, My name is Shehla and I was a solo backpacker, adventurer, business owner, and general outdoor enthusiast. 


I used to speak for a living until, one day my body shut down. 


After my  MRI scans, several GPs, multiple Neurologists, I was diagnosed with something called FND, a Functional Neurological Disorder.  I was told I was stressed, it was all in my head, and to just be more positive. 

I’ve self-loathed, slept depressed, and woke up anxious. But after learning to accept that I am ill I began my journey to recovery. 


Like many others, I have experienced medical trauma, doubt, low moods, and gaslighting. What helped me on my journey is connecting with others who have been through similar experiences. I created About M.E. to also share my experiences and what has helped me. 

Image by Anthony Tran
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